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The GS1-128 shipment labels are printed onto blank labels or with a pre-printed logo in the corporate colors.
  • When the product is labeled with other labels with corporation logo, usually the shipment labels are printed onto blank labels.
  • When the product is labeled only with the shipment label, usually, it is post-printed onto a corporative image pre-printed label.

Normally this is a short term label, for this reason they are produced in paper. The permanent adhesive is suitable for a large range of surfaces including wrapping film, carton boxes, HDPE packaging, metallic drums, etc.

The most common label size is 100x150 mm, but other sizes are often used.

We can produce a tailor-made label according to your requirements or provide one of the permanent stock formats for immediate delivery.

Usually these labels are post-printed with thermal transfer, laser or color laser printers. For managing the post-printing process we have also in our product range:

  • Label design and printing software, which allows linking with external management software ERP, WMS or specific one for the risk sentences. You should print the labels directly from your management software.
  • Thermal transfer printers and a wide range of ribbon.
  • Black and white or color laser printers.
  • Print-apply systems.

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