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The product label is post-printed with several risk and security sentences and their associated pictures on orange bottom.

The label is manufactured with a face material:

  • Plastic film when it's used out in the open, when it's stuck on drums or when it's used for long term.
  • Paper when it's adhered on carton boxes or it's used for short term.

The adhesive could be a general type or particularly adapted to special surfaces like HDPE or metallic drums. The choice of the adhesive is also conditioned by the kind of printer used.

The most common label sizes are 210x297, 210x148, 100x148 and 100x74, according to packing sizes.

Due to the wide range of sizes, the different position of the orange square bottom, the variety of materials and the diversity of application surfaces, we recommend a tailor made production matching all your requirements.
For low level requirements we have included to our product range two references for immediate delivery. This two references have two pre-printed orange squares on coated paper to post-print the associated pictures.

Usually these labels are post-printed with thermal transfer, laser or color laser printers. For managing the post-printing process we have also in our product range:

  • Label design and printing software, which allows linking with external management software ERP, WMS or specific one for the risk sentences. You should print the labels directly from your management software.
  • Thermal transfer printers and a wide range of ribbon.
  • Black and white or color laser printers.
  • Print-apply systems.

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